What is KargoGO and how it Works?

KargoGO is shipping forwarder company that serves from Turkey to Worldwide with best prices. KargoGO.com use UPS, DHL and Fedex to redirect the shippings worldwide. And we will give you their own tracking numbers. You will be able to track your package from KargoGO.com tracking page (https://www.kargogo.com/en/module/orderparcel/tracking) or shipping company own page (ups.comdhl.com or fedex.com)

 How i can ship from Turkey to Worldwide?

  • Please first REGISTER for free on KargoGO.com

  • Go to KargoGO.com homepage and select Turkey on "From" box and destination country on "To" box.

  • Select weight and enter dimensions(as cm) of the package

  • Click (+) to open Receiver details form. And fill  all required areas (receiver address, package content, content value etc.) then click Save button. After clicking Save button now Add To Cart button will be active.

    - * Don't forget to fill all required areas.

    - If you package includes more then one content, please enter them one by one and enter their value as US currency

    - Receiver email address is not required but if you fill it, tracking number will also be sent both to sender and receiver email address.

    - Receiver phone is not required but if shipping company couldn't find receiver at address, it will be able to call receiver to deliver the package.  

  • After clicking Save button Add To Cart button will be active and please click it.

  • If you have more shippings to different countries do same for all.

  • Follow the order steps and go to Payment page. You will be able to make your payment by Credit Card or Paypal.

  • *** Attn: If you will pay with a Turkey based credit card, the amount currency must be LIRA (TL) selected.

  • After you confirm your payment your order steps are finished. Now you have to forward your package to our warehouse in Bursa city. You can ship your package to Bursa with ARAS or MNG domestic carriers for free. You can bring your package to MNG or ARAS yourself or call them to collect from your address. You can reach their branches number and address from their website

    MNG Kargo Branches

    ARAS Kargo Branches

What you will write as receiver address to KargoGO Warehouse in Bursa?

Please just write these details below on receiver area and tell them Receiver will pay.

  • If you will ship with ARAS Kargo:
    Fill Receiver Area With: "1700944311027 KargoGO Bursa Korupark Sube"
    Fill Sender Area With: Your name, your address and your phone.

  • If you will ship with MNG Kargo:
    Fill Receiver Area With: "139635509 KargoGO Bursa Korupark Sube"
    Fill Sender Area With: Your name, your address and your phone.

  • Your package will arrive in Bursa in 1-2 days. All packages are coming to KargoGo warehouse between 09:00-10:00 o'clock in the morning then we redirect them to their destination country same day between 14:00-17:00 o'clock in the afternoon. And between 17.00-18.00 o'clock we are emailing your tracking numbers.

If you have any questions please email us to: kargogo.com@gmail.com