• Since the shipments to be made as of December 1 will be sent with an increased price, considering the arrival times to our transfer center, the prices will be increased by 29 November at the latest on our website.

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What is KargoGO and how it Works? KargoGO is shipping forwarder company that serves from Turkey to Worldwide with best prices. KargoGO.com use UPS, DHL and Fedex to redirect the shippings worldwide. And we will give you their own tracking numbers. You will be able to track your package from KargoGO.com tracking page (https://www.kargogo.com/en/module/orderparcel/tracking) or shipping company own page (ups.com , dhl.com or fedex.com)  How i can ship from Turkey to Worldwide? Please first REGISTER for free on KargoGO.com Go to KargoGO.com homepage and select Turkey on "From" box and destination country on "To" box. Select weight and enter dimensions(as cm) of the package Click (+) to...


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